SWAG77 FANFIC: HOLONET REALTIME NEWS: Senator Eirop Rettak Statement on Recent Comments by Senator Manej Niche.

Bad Guy Being Good

“The Build The Galaxy Better Act is fiscally responsible legislation. We will pay an incredible price if we fail to lower Galactic Imperial citizens’ costs. The high costs of unaffordable youngling orphan care on the Outer Rim, medical droid treatments, energy, and more. Suppose we continue turning a blind eye to Separatist big corporations and the ultra-wealthy aliens cheating war reparations to the Empire.

“Women, humans, and aliens, like Twi’leks, are huge drivers of economic growth, but they’re dropping out of the workforce because they can’t afford youngling care. Galactic Imperial citizens cough up billions to Big Med Droid companies because health care can’t negotiate MedStar prices. So we’re lagging behind the timetables investing in clean energy and green manufacturing to protect us, all while failing to protect Galactic Imperial citizens from sweetheart deals that enrich Former Separatist Hyperfuel. And we’re letting Former Banking Clan rip off the Galaxy on Muunilist that are lining their pockets with the Trillions in war reparations they already owe under Imperial law.

“It’s no wonder why economists are cutting their forecasts for Galactic Empire economic growth following Senator Manej Niche’s comments. The Build The Galaxy Better Act combats inflation and invests in what we need for a strong, stable, galactic competitive economy. We must forge on for the sake of our economic recovery.”

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