CLARITY: #GrandAdmiralThrawn in #StarWarsRebels & the cyberharassment

Here from anons

They are pissy about this spontaneous RP based over an image by Aimo. Some artists are psychotic about people searching google to for images and roleplaying off it on Facebook or Twitter and then posting results on Tumblr. Guess that’s how some “fans” think on Tumblr. That’s a dick move btw. Don’t want your fan art used for anything, do not post it on the internet, that simple. Fan art is meant to be shared. You can think what you want, say what you want, but I will block you for being a dumbass about it. Or you can PAY ME: bit.ly/SWR77

The HEADCANON was: Thrawn knew about Sabine when he took care of her as a child. That’s why Thrawn doesn’t outright kill Sabine. He actually admires her artwork and is amazed a Mandalorian does art. In fact he likes her like a father. In some ways he’s very disappointed in her leaving the academy. Perhaps he wants her to come back or perhaps he wants to make her a spy. Who knows? But that’s what I was trying to examine in the RP.

Dipshits always shipping desperately left and right because whatever and have no real life relationships for themselves to bash what I do in my own fucking RP that doesn’t have anything to do with them. But a serious legit RP by the writer is condemned over the use of a fucking piece of fantasy fan art. The art is good, don’t warp words, and so what of the content, but interpretation cannot be restricted or exclusive. The art was never bashed. Just a tiny story told about it and all I get is grief. WTF is wrong with people?

So, that’s why I’mma be HARDCORE and go up asses on this. Get Thrawn In was MY IDEA before Aftermath was released. Fans will respect me for my campaign to get Thrawn in.

Here is the RP

What I do for my love of Star Wars without anything in return except excitement to watch the shows. That is all.

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