“Alien Men Treat Human Women Better!”

“Human women ‘steal’ all of the ‘good’ Alien males!” 


This maybe true in some cases, but MOST OF THE TIME these males don’t love these women cause their good women. They love lust these women because they are NOT ALIEN BECAUSE OF THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE, 

While they may value these women more (based on different body appendages), it’s because of again the physical appearance, not because they are good sentient being. THAT’S IT. PERIOD.

Listen Alien women, when it comes down to the come down, when the lust wears off, THEY WILL treat these women the same as they treat Alien Women. I’ve seen these males go through human woman after human woman after human woman. They’ll lust after these women, but as soon as the lust wears off they’ll throw them into oblivion and clasp another.

They can’t maintain relationships with these women. 

We know the stats of Alien-human high divorce rates

The 92% of Alien male-human women’s youngling who are abandoned to the orphanage the same thing these males are doing to their alien younglings. 

They’re carrying their specieist/misogynistic pathologies to other aliens. And if these men are undercover sociopaths they’ll harm or kill a human woman faster than they will harm or kill an Alien woman.

But when will somebody, especially the brutish alien woman’s haters’ club, start telling these women to choose better?

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