I think this is probably some Imperial Academy cadet cause I get what he was saying like I don’t like Twi’lek girls (I’m half Zabrak so just chill before you lay into me being speciest) idk why I just don’t find them sexually attractive like I can see why other people do and they do have some amazing headtails but I just don’t like them usually they’re fine as sentient beings, but as a potential date I’m just not about it. But there is this ONE Twi’lek girl who was scene as KRIFF and I actually thought she was hot to this day she is the ONLY Twi’lek girl I would ever couple with. And I’ve had this conversation with her and said the same thing this Imperial Academy cadet said cause it applies, “I don’t like alien girls but your different I find you really attractive” it just went way differently because she is the same way she doesn’t like Imperial males so it was more like “I feel you, I don’t like Imperial Academy human boys so I totally understand” than this girl who took it as speciest and the Imperial Academy cadet just kinda lost it and said some dumb poodoo but I don’t think he’s a xenophobic bigot. I think he’s just young and couldn’t articulate what he meant without offending her. Like tbh, he should have just told her he liked her and went from there left high human culture out of it cause you really gotta know how to say what your trying to say or else you end up with situations like this. Just my 2 credits 😡

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