SW SWAG77 Flipped Source by Sabine Wren

Perhaps we, as a galaxy, should focus on addressing & resolving the issues for which #Rebels are *actually* taking a knee (hint: it’s NOT remotely because…they disrespect our flag/galaxy/military AT ALL) and worry less about silencing those protests. Believe them when they say it’s about…ending systemic xenophobia and the unlawful murder of Aliens at theContinue reading “SW SWAG77 Flipped Source by Sabine Wren”

What #StarWars Fandom is about: Mandalorian Sabine Helmets

We pay a HUGE PRICE for STAR WARS LOVE in the amount hate we receive daily online for our standards. We just dust it off and keep our eyes on what we do: STRONG, ACCURATE and AUTHENTIC portrayals of stories and characters in the Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars universe with respect to the content creators and production on social media platforms.