What #StarWars Fandom is about: Mandalorian Sabine Helmets


We loved to read how-to on cosplay builds especially for the new TV show, Star Wars Rebels and when this article appeared in StarWars.com, we had to let folks know, it was the members of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 that started that ball rolling.

We learned of a wish that Ms. Marshall wanted and we went into automatic mode to make that happen by taking a chance to speak to the “Mandalore” — he doesn’t necessarily have to give audience, but he did for us this time.

Here’s a snippet of the conversation.

03262014 coversation about Sabine helmets for Vanessa Tiya-1

What this says is how vast Star Wars fandom is. Someone knows somebody who can do something.

Our side was roleplay performing characters on social media platforms. We often speak to the Star Wars celebrities to gain their understanding about the story and character is they are able to tell us so that we can deliver a better performance. It is what we LIKE to do. It is fun for us. We use that strength to assist us in writing our fan fictions, especially for NaNoWriMo.

We also use that information to better perform our characters for a strong, accurate and authentic portrayal out of respect to Lucasfilm and the content creators. We were asked to do that.

These are our standards we want to uphold, just like it is the Mandalorian Mercs standards in their costume reference libraries.

The barrier was Ms. Marshall is famous and a busy actress. She needed some assistance. We made the connection between Ms. Sircar and her to the Mandalorian Mercs and their approve vendors. We did this out of LOVE for Star Wars and its fandom.

We pay a HUGE PRICE for STAR WARS LOVE in the amount hate we receive daily online for our standards. We just dust it off and keep our eyes on what we do: STRONG, ACCURATE and AUTHENTIC portrayals of stories and characters in the Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars universe with respect to the content creators and production on social media platforms.

That is why we are speaking out about our participation.

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