HoloNet Realtime News Hosts Lament How Hard It Is To Be Human

“We’re in an impossible situation.”

The Alien Lives Matter
movement, which grew from repeated instances of aliens being killed by Imperials,
excludes Imperials and puts them in an “impossible situation,” HoloNet
Realtime News hosts bemoaned.

is uncomfortable,” guest host Ashii Neurmanii said, explaining why she’s
become averse to discussing humanoid issues amid the rise of
#AlienLivesMatters. “Sometimes you feel like it’s hard to say anything

host Lone Dionew took offense to the notion that Imperials might struggle to
grasp the discrimination that humanoids face.

got to be inclusive,” Dionew said. “I think it’s very insulting to
say, ‘Imperials don’t understand.’ What are you talking about? You’re part of
the problem then if you’re … speaking and labeling all Imperials, saying they
don’t understand the issue or saying they can’t relate. That’s really not
giving people much credit, is it?”

host Alton Kastle said he was tired of being blamed for everything. 

in an impossible situation,” Alton lamented. “If you come up to us
and say there was a war millennia and humans people did it and I hold you
responsible, what do you want me, Ashii, and Lone to say?” he said, naming
the show’s other human hosts. “Number one, my relatives weren’t even here.
My ancestors weren’t even here at the time.”

of flipped comment


‘Human-Free’ Military Grade Blaster
Market Now Selling Fargse Stormwrecker’s Separatist’s Holopaintings

It’s totally not about species,

Fargse Stormwrecker, who rose to galactic notoriety in 22 BBY
after shooting and killing unarmed human Imperial Academy cadet, Monwhe Hydrobius, is now selling holoprints of a Confederacy of Independent Systems or Separatist painting, in part to benefit a Nemoidian blaster market owner who is facing a lawsuit after declaring his business “Human-free.”

The holoprints – copies of an original work hand-painted by Stormwrecker – are available for about 500 credits each at the Nemoidian Military
Grade Blaster Market on the planet Cato Nemoidia. Snopes Ormont, the store’s owner, declared his store a “Human-free” zone in
a PrimeDay HoloVid, on the grounds that he did not want to “arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow Separatists.”

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) subsequently filed a lawsuit against Ormont.

Stormwrecker had initially set out to make
a hologram about an Imperial painting, but after hearing about that lawsuit, he “decided to scrap the original Imperial painting and repaint it with a Separatist emblems,” according to an FAQ section about the painting on the Nemoidian Market HoloNet Site.

The painting is emblazoned with the words “Separatists for Aliens
Only”  – a reference to both the High Human
Culture and the way Stormwrecker changed his painting from an Imperial emblem to a Separatist one.

“Humans do not deserve to be Separatists on our planets, and you cannot have Imperial paintings if you remove the Separatists ones,” the FAQ reads – evidently a nod toward the idea that the High Human Culture represented by Imperial emblems, like the Imperial Senate, do not protect the rights of Separatists that want to display the Confederacy of Independent Systems emblems.

The FAQ says that proceeds from the prints will be split between Stormwrecker and Ormont to “support their legal funds, living expenses and advancing their mission to change the galaxy,” and that they will donate an unspecified percentage to the poorer Outer Rim Separatists planets from the Clone Wars. Everyone who buys a holoprint will also be entered into a raffle to win the original holopainting, which the site says “could be worth up to 1,000,000 credits.”

An earlier Stormwrecker holopainting of an Imperial artifact did indeed sell for about that much in 18 BBY

The FAQ is emphatic about how the Separatist holopainting is not “a symbol of anti-Human bigotry,” arguing that “you cannot assume everyone who shows a holo of the Confederacy of Independent Systems hates Humans in the same way that you cannot judge every Human to be an Imperial” – a line of reasoning that doesn’t quite explain why Ormont has declared his business a Human-free zone.

Here is the art shown below and the the purchase location.


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((This piece is a flipped report. Original located here. This report can generate a new storyline for Star Wars Rebels and why the Empire had problems with art. Lends credence to getthrawnin​ in Star Wars Rebels))

This just in: The repeal of the Rights of Sentience has passed!


All aliens are now second-class citizens on several Imperial planets except for Anaxes and Carida where they are now considered unholodocumented. 

All aliens are subject to immediate incarceration to serve the Empire, without manumission. 

Only ‘pure’ cultural products can be made exclusively by Humans, not adulterated by nonhumans, such as works of art including operas, holovids, or books. Illegal distribution will be subject to confiscation and destroyed,

[Interview by Imperial plays]

Only Human culture is worthy of prosperity in the New Order.

[Returns to reporter]

Aliens are ‘actively discouraged’ to participate in government or join the Imperial military, and Human governors and moffs are in command of alien worlds and sectors.

Written in 2014 and forgot to add the flipped source. It is BASED off this source but it’s not the same source.

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