This just in: The repeal of the Rights of Sentience has passed!


All aliens are now second-class citizens on several Imperial planets except for Anaxes and Carida where they are now considered unholodocumented. 

All aliens are subject to immediate incarceration to serve the Empire, without manumission. 

Only ‘pure’ cultural products can be made exclusively by Humans, not adulterated by nonhumans, such as works of art including operas, holovids, or books. Illegal distribution will be subject to confiscation and destroyed,

[Interview by Imperial plays]

Only Human culture is worthy of prosperity in the New Order.

[Returns to reporter]

Aliens are ‘actively discouraged’ to participate in government or join the Imperial military, and Human governors and moffs are in command of alien worlds and sectors.

Written in 2014 and forgot to add the flipped source. It is BASED off this source but it’s not the same source.

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