HoloNet Realtime News Hosts Lament How Hard It Is To Be Human

“We’re in an impossible situation.”

The Alien Lives Matter
movement, which grew from repeated instances of aliens being killed by Imperials,
excludes Imperials and puts them in an “impossible situation,” HoloNet
Realtime News hosts bemoaned.

is uncomfortable,” guest host Ashii Neurmanii said, explaining why she’s
become averse to discussing humanoid issues amid the rise of
#AlienLivesMatters. “Sometimes you feel like it’s hard to say anything

host Lone Dionew took offense to the notion that Imperials might struggle to
grasp the discrimination that humanoids face.

got to be inclusive,” Dionew said. “I think it’s very insulting to
say, ‘Imperials don’t understand.’ What are you talking about? You’re part of
the problem then if you’re … speaking and labeling all Imperials, saying they
don’t understand the issue or saying they can’t relate. That’s really not
giving people much credit, is it?”

host Alton Kastle said he was tired of being blamed for everything. 

in an impossible situation,” Alton lamented. “If you come up to us
and say there was a war millennia and humans people did it and I hold you
responsible, what do you want me, Ashii, and Lone to say?” he said, naming
the show’s other human hosts. “Number one, my relatives weren’t even here.
My ancestors weren’t even here at the time.”

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