ooc – Want us to “StarWars-dized” an official RL news story? Submit one to us!

We flip news articles from real life and we “Star Wars-Dizing” them.

Because we have standard Star Wars names for celebrities (and the infamous), we want to do the “flip”.


Our timeline, continuity and canon are during Star Wars Rebels.
RealtimeNews is Star Wars Legends canon, at the moment, and this “faux
news” site has an Imperial affinity. Any more “open” typed news article
is related to the Rebels.

RealtimeNews is a “news analysis” segment, not a general news broadcast
like HoloNet News or Imperial News Network. We’re like news show on
cable and “facts” are analyzed.

Please indicate which faction you side with, and also ask us the celebrity (infamous) names that have been Star Wars-dized.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE provide the URL of the “original news source”
that we will be flipping. That’s the entire point of doing flipped
source news articles.

We need readable transcripts, news articles, etc. Videos do not work for us and will be delayed. We prefer from legitimate news sources (i.e. NOT from someone’s blog opinion). Examples of legitimate news sources: The big networks (cable and the big 3), major internet news sources (HuffPo, Breitbart, etc.), government sources, local newspapers, etc.

We will do the essential story and we may not be able to do the entire story.


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