SWAG77 FANFIC: HOLONET REALTIME NEWS: Senator Eirop Rettak Statement on Recent Comments by Senator Manej Niche.

Bad Guy Being Good

“The Build The Galaxy Better Act is fiscally responsible legislation. We will pay an incredible price if we fail to lower Galactic Imperial citizens’ costs. The high costs of unaffordable youngling orphan care on the Outer Rim, medical droid treatments, energy, and more. Suppose we continue turning a blind eye to Separatist big corporations and the ultra-wealthy aliens cheating war reparations to the Empire.

“Women, humans, and aliens, like Twi’leks, are huge drivers of economic growth, but they’re dropping out of the workforce because they can’t afford youngling care. Galactic Imperial citizens cough up billions to Big Med Droid companies because health care can’t negotiate MedStar prices. So we’re lagging behind the timetables investing in clean energy and green manufacturing to protect us, all while failing to protect Galactic Imperial citizens from sweetheart deals that enrich Former Separatist Hyperfuel. And we’re letting Former Banking Clan rip off the Galaxy on Muunilist that are lining their pockets with the Trillions in war reparations they already owe under Imperial law.

“It’s no wonder why economists are cutting their forecasts for Galactic Empire economic growth following Senator Manej Niche’s comments. The Build The Galaxy Better Act combats inflation and invests in what we need for a strong, stable, galactic competitive economy. We must forge on for the sake of our economic recovery.”

This article is a flipped source from a real life Twitter post from a real life politician making a statement toward another politician who refuses to support. We flipped articles like these to see how it the words look for a different perspective or point of view. The tweet’s tone sounds so vehement that it falls into “appeal to emotion” — to manipulate of the recipient’s emotions in order to win an argument, especially in the absence of factual evidence. There is evidence and the politician can provide it, but there is not dissent countering of other factual evidence, and there is an abundance of the. And that is what makes this post rash and why it is flipped.


Our HoloNet Realtime News group creates fanfictions from Twitter posts like these as “news article statement”. It is about how the “newly formed Galactic Empire” after the Jedi betrayed the Republic has large groups of planetary senators trying to rebuild the galaxy with expensive requests. Some Senators feel that the Separatists should pay War Reparations to give to the suffering Imperial citizens in the galaxy. Some Senators do not support this legislation. The Senators that do support the cause, do not know what is really happening, that the money will go to the Death Star build — Build The Galaxy Better… Yeah… Those Senators that do not support the cause, may or may not know what is happening, but they do not like the idea of taking enormous amounts of credits (money) that falls into a blackhole somewhere with no accountability.

This post is NOT siding with anyone. But it tells the story from a certain point of view…

We use the top image of an Imperial Officer and a Stormtrooper helping children as a service duty to help Galactic Imperial citizens affected by the Separatists. It is intentionally meant to be a misnomer and misleading to show false dichotomy in parody. The other issue is why would this politician be Imperial and the other politician that seems like Bail Organa. Hemorrhaging credits for an unknown reason by shadows and does not trust what seen.

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