#StarWars Sensational Extrapolation Beyond What Was Said = Logic Fallacy

Everyone can (over)analyze what Mr. Simon Kinberg said, but the fact remains, there are limits to what he can and will discuss and he states it explicitly and that is all there is to it.

Any further analysis of his comments to say that the Expanded Universe (EU) is NOT ABSOLUTELY and NEVER going to be used in the future Star Wars movies, is an extrapolation and the logic fallacies of “false cause”, “slippery slope”, “loaded questions” and “appeals to emotion”. 

He said he cannot discuss content. He stated what he likes in Star Wars. Then he stated what canon is which is the 6 movies. All of those statements in context are true. To say no EU content will be an inspiration or used is to make a logic fallacy – mainly of emotion. Coercing others to agree with you is the logic fallacy of “bandwagoning” with the use of “begging the question”…

Let’s not hurt one another. We are all fans here. Our beloved Star Wars has changed. Be open to the change. Ask yourself, will this stop you from purchasing a ticket to see the movie? 

If not, then there is not much discussion on content other than keep your eyes open on new reports.

If this will stop you from seeing the movie, then well, there are other things in life – like promoting world peace perhaps  – that need assistance.

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