For all you that quote chapter and verse by Wookieepedia. This was 2014ish. That’s why you will always get fight back from us.

What was the point of Wookieepedia to publish a page that shows women’s body parts in a sexualize manner, again? The Star Wars fandom dances around sexuality altogether. Only the Star Wars authors have ventured to be inclusive of diverse sexualities. However, support by all Star Wars fans has been minimal and hate-filled. It also objectifies one gender – presumed cis-het women who enjoy their sexual natures (promiscuous) – not giving liberation to all genders to freely express their sexual selves that are a part of their love.

That is why we have a problem with Wookieepedia. We know too many diverse fans who deserve to have representation of their stories told in Star Wars. Not cloistered away from a fandom toxic with Supremacist outlets.

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