#StarWars #RP EPISODE ALERT: Extraction of the Emperor’s Hand on Coruscant



Ahsoka placed a hand on her forehead, shaking her head slightly, but a small smile rising upon her face. “You always have a plan involving blasting your way through a situation…” Ahsoka whispered, raising her head, a small smirk procuring at the side of her face.  

She looked to see Bo heading to her squad, before rushing to join her. “Did you really think I would take no for an answer?” she grinned, raising her hood, “I’m helping you.” 

She stops in front of her troops and raises her hands to a stop position. She was a fully armed former Mandalorian Death Watch Lieutenant and her former adversary Ahsoka Tano who through Mandalorian Death Watch Intelligence discovered she deserted the Jedi Order. She was not as tall a Bo-Katan was, her head tendrils reached her height, but her face did not. For a Torgrutan, Ahsoka had grown into a woman,

Bo-Katan flibs her mouth underneath her helmet and sighs. “Dinuir Je’tii dala buy’ce,” Bo commands to her squad member in the Mandalorian language. Within seconds, a Mandalorian-Torgrutan Helmet appears from a compartment on the swoop bikes and the member presents it to Ahsoka a gift. “You come with us,  you fight like a Mandalorian or you don’t come with us at all.” Bo-Katan says to her pointedly.


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