‘KRIFFING embarrassment’: Imperials furious after Luke
Skywalker supports lightsaber control

Skywalker got a lesson in Imperial fragility when he spoke out in favor of lightsaber
control in the wake of the murder of two HoloNet journalists on Lianna.

was referring to sweeping lightsaber-safety laws that went into effect in Alderaan
after the Kashyyyk massacre, in which Darth Vader armed with a lightsaber
killed Wookiees in a single killing spree.

the wake of that incident, the Alderaanian government enacted the Galactic Lightsaber
Agreement, making lightsabers owned by non-Force users illegal.

galactic lightsaber buy-back program netted more than 640,000 lightsaber weapons.

then, deaths by lightsaber have plummeted. Nonetheless, Imperial lightsaber advocates
see the Alderaan program as anathema and refuse to think of it as anything
other than a tyrannical Rebel insurgent’s means of seizing absolute control
over the populace.

Alderaan HoloTwitter user seconded Skywalker’s sentiments.

Imperials were not amused.

Luke, we’ll play,” wrote the COMPNOR staff, apparently losing once again their
grip on the difference between reality and what they saw on a HoloNet. “How,
exactly, will this get done? Enlighten us, please.”

Imperial holotweeters think the lightsaber violence problem is already taking
care of itself.

argued that Skywalker is a turncoat because his sister, Princess Leia used a lightsaber
in her fight against the Empire.

pulled out the old “love it or leave it” trope.

still others said that Skywalker was out of his depth.

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The Skywalker Flame by Brian Ashmore

Now this painting has a very interesting story. It’s actually Anakin and Padme with baby Luke. The artwork was done by Brian Ashmore but it’s a 15 yr old depiction of them, 6 years before Padme’s name existed. It could very well be the first image of Padme, which I find fascinating.

The image has now been turned into card for the Galaxy 4 topps set, and on the back of the card there is a description of the picture. However the artist himself will tell you more about the card and its funny little back-story if you travel over to his blogspot, Brian Ashmore Illustration, where he posted a small article about it. The story behind it is as interesting as the picture.