SWAG77 Patreon Meta: Thrawn and The Canted Circle

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SWAG77 Patreon Meta: The 1997 Star Wars Adventure Journal #12 has a “HoloNet news article” about Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo being inducted into this Illuminati-type secret society. Continue reading ...
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“I quit my day job to be a #SithLord” @SWAG_77 Podcast

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By day, they seemed sweet and nice, hiding in plain site. By night they have such an evil personae that goes unrivaled by Jedi. Amassing power unimaginable. Where’s the Force flowing?

Topics in books covered:

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~You are cordially invited to participate in the Darth Plagueis fan contest.~

It’s Friday the 13th, a perfect day to announce an awesome Sithly challenge: Hego Damask is a fantastic character and he just doesn’t get enough fan love. I’ve decided to change that:

I am giving out gifts and awarding prizes to all good Sith apprentices – so join the Dark Side now and create a fan piece about Darth Plagueis the Wise!

(Find out more info at this link, have fun and good luck!)

2012 Podcast on Star Wars: Darth Plagueis



if you’ve written a review of darth plagueis, even if it’s a negative one, i’ll read it

i’ll watch/read ur discussions about darth plagueis

i’ll talk to you about darth plagueis

i’ll read ur fanfiction about darth plagueis

darth plagueis

D A R T H  P L A G U E I S

Our podcast in 2012 Star Wars: Darth Plagueis