Minister Of Planet: Mandalorian Teen Arrested At Anti-Terrorist Policies by ImperialSecurity Bureau Agent

Minister Of Planet
Where Mandalorian Teen Was Wrongly Arrested Is Anti-Mandalorian Imperial
Security Bureau Agent

her supporters, Lothalian Minister Maketh Tua is a tough-as-nails Minister
who’s not afraid to take on Mandalorians.

her critics, Tua is a fear-monger who stokes the flames of Mandophobia.

both Tua’s fans and foes can surely find a talking point in the incident where Imperial
Stormtroopers arrested 14-year-old Sabine Wren for bringing a homemade chronometer
to school that they thought looked like a “Mandalorian detonator

first made headlines for challenging the Mandalorian Code, when she wrote a Spacebook
post vowing to look into a “Mandalorian law court” that was said to
have been set up by an Lothalian Mandalorian Academy.

I am working to better understand how this ‘court’ will function and whom will
be subject to its decisions, please know that if it is determined that there
are violations of basic rights occurring, I will not stand idle and will fight
with every fiber of my being against this action,” she wrote.

the “Mandalorian law court” wasn’t actually headquartered in Lothal,
which abuts Kalevala, nor did it have anything to do with the former Old Republic
Center on Lothal. A note on the holopage of Kalevala Mandalorian Tribunal,
which settle civil disputes between Mandalorians for a fee, aimed to
disambiguate the two.

speculation has led members of the local community to wonder if the former Old
Republic Center on Lothal is facilitating ‘Mandalorian Courts’ at the Academy”
the Mandalorian Tribunal’s website read. “The management of the former Old
Republic Center on Lothal categorically declares that no such court operates on
the center’s premises. No other academy in the area operates such courts.
However, the Tribunal that operates in the Mandalorian space, independent of
the academies, to address a genuine need within our community for intra-community

Tua threw her support behind a bill that would forbid Imperial judges from
using Mandalorian law in their rulings. The bill’s author, Senator Gall Trayvis,
had said the bill would solve the “problem” of the Tribunal in Lothal,
according to the Lothalian News.

made the Imperial media rounds to talk about the “Imperial laws for Imperial
courts” effort, giving interviews to Becrux Nolayt and Alton Kastle. She
spoke to Plido Acamar, the founder of the anti-Mandalorian think tank Center
for Security Policy, on his HoloNet radio show. Conspiracy theory site WND ran
a piece on Tua under the headline “Moff Takes Stand Against Mandalorian Academy

also capitalized on the newfound attention with a Spacebook fundraising plea.

events have put me under attack and I need your help now! Stand with me to help
me fight for Imperial values and the Conventions,” she wrote.

criticism of her support for Trayvis’ bill, Tua turned to the editorial pages
of The Mandalorian HoloNet News to further propagate what she saw as a
non-controversial message.

me, this is about making sure people, especially women, understand our planet
guarantees certain rights and liberties, and those should not be
surrendered,” she wrote in The Mandalorian HoloNet News. “It is
baffling to comprehend the amount of controversy generated by my support as Minister
of Lothal for a law that simply asks judges to uphold Imperial fundamental convention
rights when deciding a case that involves a conflicting Mandalorian law.”

was The Mandalorian HoloNet News’ editorial board that chastised Tua for
traveling to speak to Imperial Security Bureau activists instead of focusing on
the needs of the community she represents.

focus on Lothal’s growth earned her our recommendation. But we also urged her
to build ‘cooperation and unity,’” the editorial read. “She’s failed
at that part of the job. An important part of Lothal’s population is Mandalorians
and the planet is home to a major academy.”

could spend her time more productively by reaching out the local Mandalorian
supporter community instead of catering to Imperial Security Bureau voters who
feed on fear about Mandalorians and relish shots at the press,” the
editorial continued.

Tua had spent a long time speaking out against Mandalorian law, she did not
mention Wren’s background in a Spacebook post reacting to her arrest.

do not fault the Imperial Academy or the Stormtroopers for looking into what
they saw as a potential threat,” she wrote. “They have procedures to
run when a possible threat or criminal act is discovered. They follow these
procedures in the sole interest of protecting our children and Imperial
personnel…I hope this incident does not serve as a deterrent against our Stormtroopers
and Imperial personnel from maintaining the safety and security of our Imperial

went on to write that she hoped the incident wouldn’t discourage Wren or other cadets
from pursuing their passion for building.

charges were ultimately filed against Wren, who has since been invited to visit
the Imperial Coruscant Center, the Imperial Security Bureau, the Raithal
Academy on Raithal and Spacebook’s headquarters.


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