The humans on HoloNet Stick Alley (predominately Human female
forum) are furious that GERSISA GRAM  will be on Real Housewives of the Empire
(RHOTE), all saying they won’t watch now.

(Trigger Warning: Xenophobia, High Human Culture)


“Humans who are comfortable in their High Human
Culture need to be exposed. Their ignorance might bring awareness on the
subject to the galaxy. But there’s something else which also needs to happen. Aliens
are no more immune to criticism than anyone else. Don’t think that because
you’re not human that I won’t come for you and use your alien status as the
subject of my critique. So when I remind you that I got one heart and one main gonad
and you don’t. Don’t get mad and call me xenophobic. That doesn’t make me xenophobic
as I am simply stating a fact. The one thing you aliens will need to
understand is that humans will never accept you as their equal. Some of us
(like myself) who understand that sentiency supersedes and/or trumps species
might. But most of us don’t give a KRIFF about that and stand committed to
acknowledging you as modified alien near humanoids. So let the aliens get messy and let
them express themselves on the subject.

Now as for you humans. Be warned…’cause these aliens
are not to be KRIFFED with and are no shrinking violets. So we’ll see. Should
make for some excellent dialogue and the reunion just might be epic!”

of flipped comment

((The image is of the Noorian Jedi named Tahl (x) ))

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