Representative Thrawn to Lead United Against Combat Beasts as Chairman


CORUSCANT – Today, Emperor Palpatine announced that Representative
Thrawn will lead United Against Combat Beasts (UACB) as Chairman. Representative
Thrawn will play a key leadership role throughout UACB’s efforts to educate and
inform the Imperial citizens regarding the serious shortcomings of beast welfare used in combat. Particularly that of the Ysalamiri on the planet, Myrkr.


“UACB is honored to have Representative Thrawn, a UACB Advisory Board
member and close confidant to assume a leadership role at this critical time,”
said Emperor Palpatine. “Representative Thrawn’s galactic policies and security
expertise is highly respected and renowned across the galaxy. We could have no
better leader as the Imperial citizens consider this flawed combat beast agreement.”

Representative Thrawn served as the Commander of Chiss Expansionary Defense
Fleet (CEDF) for several years. Upon the commencement of the Empire, he consulted Emperor Palpatine about the Unknown Regions. During his time
in service, Representative Thrawn worked with the Imperial Senate and Imperial
Military in order to protect the security of the Empire and promote Imperial leadership
across the galaxy.

Representative Thrawn stated: “UACB has led the effort to economically
isolate the insurgents that enslave beasts for combat, particularly the Ysalamiri. Our expertise will be highly respected by our superior Imperial compassion and humanness on the proper treatment of
beasts. I am honored to assume this new leadership role
at this important time.”


UACB is a non-profit, non-partisan Imperial education
and advocacy group aimed at preventing beasts used in combat. An outspoken and
tireless advocate for implementation of a robust sanctions against insurgent
organizations, UACB has been at the vanguard of efforts to ensure that any Imperial
agreement with rogue planets is solidly in the Imperial security interests of
the Empire and precludes insurgent’s efforts to develop combat beasts as weapons.

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