SW SWAG77 Meta: Mandalorians Allow A Child’s Last Name to Come from The Father or Mother. Such is the Case of Sabine WREN and Her Brother Tristan WREN



“Train your sons to be strong, but train your daughters to be stronger…”
~Mandalorian proverb.


Patrilineal Lineage A MUST IN STAR WARS?

My group decided to take this poll (x) on who’s the father of SABINE WREN ( sabinewren77). Within a few minutes we had marked results with a significance p-value of 0.05. Mostly half the participants fully purport PATRILINEAL LINEAGE which means the child ONLY INHERITS THE FATHER’S SURNAME or LAST NAME.

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For Sabine to have the last name Wren in order to be a Mandalorian does not mean her father must be the “Wren”. It could come from her mother. It is not necessary for Star Wars lore logic. Even if she inherits her skills biologically, it still can come from her mother.

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