Juloff Exclusive Report: The Busy Nabooian Senator, Padme Amidala

From the youngest queen ever elected of the planet, Naboo to now a Senator for the planet in the Galactic Senate, there are some things very elusive about Padme Amidala, like her closeness with the Jedi, one in particular, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. We bring our report to you for you to decide! Juloff Exclusive Report:Continue reading “Juloff Exclusive Report: The Busy Nabooian Senator, Padme Amidala”

For The Enduring Love of Padme

Her name is Padme Naberrie of Naboo. She was not the youngest ever elected Queen at the age of 14, but her terms were very important. In her early days as Queen, the planet Naboo was blockaded by the rogue Trade Federation and she had to be protected by two Jedi Knights. They narrowly escaped the blockadeContinue reading “For The Enduring Love of Padme”