No Whitewashing SW Characters Coded As BIPOC



Seriously tho the fact that Ezra, Kanan and Sabine are all STILL being whitewashed in the year of our Lord 2018 is so damn embarrassing like anyone with functioning eyes should be able to tell that they’re not white but if y’all REALLY need your hands held on this then there’s plenty of scenes where we see them next to characters who actually are white and the difference in skin tone is pretty damn fuckin clear lmao like

Why r u weirdos so afraid to draw them with accurate skintones or find actors who actually look like them for ur fancasts like WHY are you running!!!

C’mon, they don’t care. Bashing of Black owned Star Wars fan groups and cosplayers on Tumblr is abundant. At least most of our RP blogs try to keep the faceclaims as accurate as we possibly can. Rather than tell you that most of Star Wars is fucking racist as fuck and it’s why George Lucas got tired of it. Everytime he tried to introduce diversity before Ahsoka Tano, he’d get shut down. Then, the as fucked the fans have been toward those of us who are POCs who want diversity as LEAD characters, they create brand new characters that develop zero traction in large groups. You think FINN would be a problem if he was white? Really…

Ok. We’ve done all we could and we’ve stopped fighting until we’re supported here.

These people who complain do not want change. The complaints are legit, but it does not prove how much you want it. They want to complain. The way to get the needs addressed is to do protests at Celebration and letter writing campaigns. They can also do art panels of correct complexions of characters and why they are important, what it says about fandom and fandom generation.

But rather than support that idea, I get bashed on Tumblr. Called “Bye Bye Bitch” when I considered leaving.

Diversity is not truly wanted in Star Wars because if you truly did want it, you do everything in your power to make them put characters in, in advantageous win-win scenarios and help production and directors defend these ideas than expecting the writers and actors alone do this. That’s what we’re for. What we’re trained to do professionally. But it’s easier to hate and segregate on SWAG77 than make changes to make the story of Star Wars as exciting as it can be.

We know why diversity can be good for a movie. But the fugly haters that kicked off Kelly Marie Tran don’t know matter how we explain their racism. So let’s not. Let’s beat the INFIDEL BLASPHEMERS FOR THE POL DWAG KANE A BARS THAT THEY ARE!!!

Even Lucasfilm appreciates our efforts.

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Decolonise, not Diversify

The concept of diversity only exists if there is an assumed neutral point from which ‘others’ are ‘diverse.’ Putting aside for now the Imperial, male, core-planetness of that ‘neutral’ space, its dominant aspect is humanity. Constructed by a human establishment, the idea of ‘diversity’ is neo-republic speak. It is the new corporatized version of multispecies openness. It is about management, efficiency, box-ticking. As alien writers, we parrot this idea back, reminding human institutions that they need to increase their diversity; appealing to them to let us in, to give some of us a seat at the table too. To help convince them, institutions are reminded that ‘diversity’ is actually good for them too, that it will help them to make more credits. Dankea Neuta writes, in the ‘Writing the Future’ report on the need for improved species diversity in hololiterature: ‘this isn’t about making the industry feel good. Monospecies are bad for business….within 20 years the galaxy’s alien population will be 25%. If holobooks don’t reflect that, they will become increasingly irrelevant and unprofitable.’ Similarly, Nishu Klakesh writes: ‘I wouldn’t be wasting my time if I didn’t feel there was a potential financial reward for investing in alien writers.’ Meanwhile, a holotweet on #diverseprimeday tells us, through a posted article, that ‘just being around people of different species may literally make you smarter.’

Like accusations of reverse specieism or casteism, there is not only naïvete, but also violence in erasing historical and continuing oppression and power hierarchies, labelling the oppressed who seek to redress, ‘divisive’ and ‘discriminatory’. It is the same conciliatory, ahistorical approach that can ground these diversity in hololiterature campaigns. There is a sense that everyone only needs to come together, make a bit of an effort with a few simple acts. Diversity is about forgetting the past, and celebrating a multispecies present. Diversity initiatives often involve a Benetton style ad of ‘diverse looking’ people’s faces, and we see such an image adorning the cover of the HoloNet Review which contains the aforementioned article, ‘How do we stop Imperial publishing being so posh and human?’

Adopting a phrase that is being used by radical anti-specieist campaigns and movements growing and connecting across the galaxy, as writers and editors we need to ‘decolonise, not diversify’, and that is what we need to demand of publishers, creative writing courses, and mentoring schemes too. Decolonisation does not airbrush colonial history, decolonisation takes continuing high human culture head-on. And if publishers or organisers of hololiterature festivals are not interested in hololiterature that comes from this place, that doesn’t privilege the alien reader, we need to use models such as Klakesh’s crowd-funded holobook, to produce our own hololiterature. We need to organise our own festivals. There are writers, publishers and organisations that have been and continue, despite all odds, doing this.

But to focus only on numbers, as the ‘Writing the Future’ report does, to talk only about the need for a greater ‘diversity’ of writers in terms of background, is a limited and misleading approach. The real problem is not simply a monospecies but a mono-ideology, a mono-perspective. I’m sorry to spoil the party, but this is not a problem that was going to be solved this Primeday or even, now that #diversityprimeday has become #ReadDiverse3BBY.

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Our POC RP character portrayal REPRESENTATION on Tumblr


@sabinewren77 – canon

@senatoryemaja – OC non-canon

@ketsuonyo77 – canon

@raesloane77 – novel canon

@mazkanata77 – canon

@finnstarwars77 – canon

NOT an RP character but used as a social media conduit: @teamtano

Other characters in the SWAG77 that are POC – OC non-canon

Osun’oya Lah-Windu – Faceclaims – Rihanna/Keke Palmer – the daughter of Mace Windu

Auset Lah – mother character – Faceclaims – the Goddess Auset any dark-skinned form. EXACTLY 

Senator Yemaja Lah – Faceclaim – Selita Ebanks.

Cateleya Aiyar Marek – Faceclaim – Zoe Saldana (may change) (dead character)

Shiavat Lah – Faceclaim – Maori Warrior

Hevelausar Lah 

Peleleilani Lah – Faceclaim – Goddess Pele and Goddess Poliaku

Sith Serebus – Srinavara, Vestis, Leonard

Viong Maxel Muyel – wears Ooglith Masquer of Asian man, but is Yuuzhan Vong

Zhat Lah – wears Ooglith Masquer of Black Panther… but is Yuuzhan Vong (before there was a movie about T’Challa).

We created ALL these characters because there were NONE in 2009 to 2011. To have stories told that WE relate to, we created our OWN… We received a lot of racist bigotry before 2011…

Then, in 2012, Lucasfilm told us to only roleplay canon.

It is a lot better now.

Yemaja is the most powerful character, her accolades are larger than before. But Lucasfilm will not pick her up into canon.


OPINION: Disney – Lucasfilm does need to come out with some kind statement on diversity and fan expectation with their Star Wars products

SWAG 77 Owner Dr G-. 

The vitriol on social media is heinous. The attacks by fans are out of control. As a corporation, Disney and Lucasfilm can say, these are the kinds of fans we want appreciating our product. A 1.5 minute infomercial with lovely fanfare music and representations of diversity. Ask Coca-Cola about who they used in their commercial for Superbowl. Disney needs to do it, too.

Not to be gross, but Star Wars Episode VII is going to be so popular, that everyone is going to emerge and the last thing wanted is an Aurora theater incident by one of the “fans”. You already have people out of control, it is your product, so reign them in and tell them who your product is made for.