Our POC RP character portrayal REPRESENTATION on Tumblr


@sabinewren77 – canon

@senatoryemaja – OC non-canon

@ketsuonyo77 – canon

@raesloane77 – novel canon

@mazkanata77 – canon

@finnstarwars77 – canon

NOT an RP character but used as a social media conduit: @teamtano

Other characters in the SWAG77 that are POC – OC non-canon

Osun’oya Lah-Windu – Faceclaims – Rihanna/Keke Palmer – the daughter of Mace Windu

Auset Lah – mother character – Faceclaims – the Goddess Auset any dark-skinned form. EXACTLY 

Senator Yemaja Lah – Faceclaim – Selita Ebanks.

Cateleya Aiyar Marek – Faceclaim – Zoe Saldana (may change) (dead character)

Shiavat Lah – Faceclaim – Maori Warrior

Hevelausar Lah 

Peleleilani Lah – Faceclaim – Goddess Pele and Goddess Poliaku

Sith Serebus – Srinavara, Vestis, Leonard

Viong Maxel Muyel – wears Ooglith Masquer of Asian man, but is Yuuzhan Vong

Zhat Lah – wears Ooglith Masquer of Black Panther… but is Yuuzhan Vong (before there was a movie about T’Challa).

We created ALL these characters because there were NONE in 2009 to 2011. To have stories told that WE relate to, we created our OWN… We received a lot of racist bigotry before 2011…

Then, in 2012, Lucasfilm told us to only roleplay canon.

It is a lot better now.

Yemaja is the most powerful character, her accolades are larger than before. But Lucasfilm will not pick her up into canon.

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