No Whitewashing SW Characters Coded As BIPOC




Seriously tho the fact that Ezra, Kanan and Sabine are all STILL being whitewashed in the year of our Lord 2018 is so damn embarrassing like anyone with functioning eyes should be able to tell that they’re not white but if y’all REALLY need your hands held on this then there’s plenty of scenes where we see them next to characters who actually are white and the difference in skin tone is pretty damn fuckin clear lmao like

Why r u weirdos so afraid to draw them with accurate skintones or find actors who actually look like them for ur fancasts like WHY are you running!!!

C’mon, they don’t care. Bashing of Black owned Star Wars fan groups and cosplayers on Tumblr is abundant. At least most of our RP blogs try to keep the faceclaims as accurate as we possibly can. Rather than tell you that most of Star Wars is fucking racist as fuck and it’s why George Lucas got tired of it. Everytime he tried to introduce diversity before Ahsoka Tano, he’d get shut down. Then, the as fucked the fans have been toward those of us who are POCs who want diversity as LEAD characters, they create brand new characters that develop zero traction in large groups. You think FINN would be a problem if he was white? Really…

Ok. We’ve done all we could and we’ve stopped fighting until we’re supported here.

These people who complain do not want change. The complaints are legit, but it does not prove how much you want it. They want to complain. The way to get the needs addressed is to do protests at Celebration and letter writing campaigns. They can also do art panels of correct complexions of characters and why they are important, what it says about fandom and fandom generation.

But rather than support that idea, I get bashed on Tumblr. Called “Bye Bye Bitch” when I considered leaving.

Diversity is not truly wanted in Star Wars because if you truly did want it, you do everything in your power to make them put characters in, in advantageous win-win scenarios and help production and directors defend these ideas than expecting the writers and actors alone do this. That’s what we’re for. What we’re trained to do professionally. But it’s easier to hate and segregate on SWAG77 than make changes to make the story of Star Wars as exciting as it can be.

We know why diversity can be good for a movie. But the fugly haters that kicked off Kelly Marie Tran don’t know matter how we explain their racism. So let’s not. Let’s beat the INFIDEL BLASPHEMERS FOR THE POL DWAG KANE A BARS THAT THEY ARE!!!

Even Lucasfilm appreciates our efforts.

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