OPINION: Disney – Lucasfilm does need to come out with some kind statement on diversity and fan expectation with their Star Wars products

SWAG 77 Owner Dr G-. 

The vitriol on social media is heinous. The attacks by fans are out of control. As a corporation, Disney and Lucasfilm can say, these are the kinds of fans we want appreciating our product. A 1.5 minute infomercial with lovely fanfare music and representations of diversity. Ask Coca-Cola about who they used in their commercial for Superbowl. Disney needs to do it, too.

Not to be gross, but Star Wars Episode VII is going to be so popular, that everyone is going to emerge and the last thing wanted is an Aurora theater incident by one of the “fans”. You already have people out of control, it is your product, so reign them in and tell them who your product is made for.

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