Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (#SWAG77) #Podcast WE’RE BBAAACCCCKKKKKK!

SWAG77 Podcast comes back after a Summer Hiatus.

Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (#SWAG77) #Podcast WE’RE BAACCCKKKKK!

We’re talkin’…Star Wars Rebels stuff…The Force Awakens stuff…Summer reading…Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels Stuff and Positive Star Wars Fandom Stuff. http://bit.ly/SWStuffWAG77

SWAG77 Podcast: SWR Rebels Resolve and Fire Across The Galaxy

Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Podcast discuss the Star Wars Rebels television episode, “Rebels Resolve”, predictions for the next episode – “Fire Across the Galaxy” and SWAG 77 activities – LIVE TWEET the season 1 finale Visit our Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Fan Table! Gift us through FundRzr Support our Teepublic: https://bit.ly/teepublic77

“The meat it feeds on…” @Inquisitorius77 @SWAG_77 Interview With Greg Weisman

In 2014, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 in cooperation with Geek Talk interviewed GREG WEISMAN the executive producer of Star Wars Rebels. He is also the creator and writer for Gargoyles animated show and Young Justice. We discussed reading all the literature, writing, and production.