Artistically Speaking It Was Mandalorian Done — part II excerpt.

Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian graffiti artist, and rebel warrior, are convinced to remove her armor and wear formal attire to this ritzy art auction on an Imperial stronghold planet. Lando Calrissian convinces her to steal the “Visage Presage” by Jaynor of Bith. A priceless painting held in a private collection for years. However, Grand Admiral Thrawn, a Chiss, has discovered this painting and learned of its true value, a map to a treasure trove he intends to find for the Empire. Read what happens when this Rebel graffiti artist meets a renowned art critic-historian. High-jinks ensue.

Grand Admiral Thrawn murmurs. “The Rebels must not have thought this mission through if they sent you to deal with me, Sab’ika?”

Sabine Wren is silent, unable to speak.  “I like art, Sir. I am an artist. When will I literally see Ho’oipoipo’s art?”

Thrawn holds his hand to his chin and absorbs her comment, then chuckles. “What do you know about erotic art, Sab’ika?”

“What do you know, Grand Admiral?” Sabine bites her lip and opens her legs to cross them.

Thrawn does not answer the question, but his eyes glisten as he stares at Sabine’s movements, then smiles knowingly.


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