HEADCANON FICTION: Early Signs of Order 66

[Another scientific piece written by the owner of SWAG 77 who is a trained PhD molecular geneticist]

Order 66 as planned

Early Signs of Order 66 by the Yun Ne’Shel Master Shaper Corps Interrogation of the Biological Make up of Clones for the Praises of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire.

Order 66 was enacted by a “SEETH LORD” who caused the demise of the entire infidel JEEDAI system. It was done by a combination between genetic compulsion, addiction and brainwashing. It is something that the SEETH are evil enough to do and capable of doing.

Basically, the process was simple: Order 66 was not just “words inscribed on holograms”, it is an “incantation” and “subliminal message” to activate a particular neurological region in the brain of a clone to force them to choose to enact the Order.

Human Brain Anatomy
Addiction Exacerbates Brain Reward System

That neurological region in real life would be similar to the “brain reward system” of addiction to substances, chiefly drugs. With just one word or saying, the addicted individual would be compelled to act on any directive given.

What is the addiction? WAR! Fighting war by shooting and killing is addicting to some people even in real life. When individuals stop fighting it may be one of the withdrawal causes to PTSD…


Fighting war is addictive. Withdrawal = PTSD

For someone as EVIL as the SEETH, of course, war would be the driving force in using clones specifically created and trained to fight a war, add a few genetic precursors and subliminal markers and the system is ALL PRIMED for brainwashing…

What was the primer?

On the “Y” chromosome we identified a protein region that is highly amenable to mutation. It actually wasn’t that hard for our Qang Qahsa’s and Rikyams (living computers) to identify. It was genetically modified by the promoter region to make sure it was highly expressed in the brain, and then allowed to clamp on the neurological memory engrams of war so during the build up process, the addiction could set in. All anyone really had to do was to suggest keywords and it would have set off the response codes.

The protein is SRY:

Protein SRY not genetically modified

We have found that this protein is easily genetically modified with its lack of introns to govern its production.

However the overexpression in the brain can cause early stage neuronal degeneration and premature aging. According to the design from our research, many clones can be created and have several years of service before dying by natural causes.

Ironically, there were no genetic modification to make the clones sterile. Any good cloning protocol would ensure that only the desired genes would be inherited for the next generation of clones. What that would entail in their programmes? Unknown.

The Yun Ne’Shel Master Shaper Corps highly suggests that the Great Doctrine protocols of Qah be examined to incorporate the “addictive paradigm” with the infidels to serve us under Yun Shuno. We request blessings from the Elites to shape infidels with invasive measures rather than subliminal. The infidels will choose our request because they know it will bring them closer to the Gods! ZHAETOR ZHAE!

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