GeekGirlCon and Star Wars – Our Daughters Deserve Our Best!

At GeekGirlCon 2012 in Seattle, our SWAG 77 owner attended the “Star Wars: Jedi Princesses and Sith Witch” panel. The presenters were:

They talked about who their favorite female characters were:

Mara Jade

Jaina Solo

Princess Leia with the buns.


Mostly Expanded Universe characters.


But because of Ashley Eckstein her characters aside from Princess Leia and Ahsoka Tano was Asajj Ventress. She really likes her!


Then talked about the new character, Bo-Katan! There will be amazing things in store for her in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5! Geekitude is way up!


With that, I got a pic with the women on the Star Wars panel!

The women of the GeekGirlCon Star Wars panel: L to R: Joanne Perrault, Tricia Barr, me (audience member), and Ashley Eckstein (missing: Linda Hansen-Raj and Joao Stinson)






A question raised by another audience member was about Padme Amidala – how did she just die not having the will to live?  video of Basically it all boiled down to the character being stressed.


So there is a future for strong female characters in Star Wars, how it will pan out? Who knows. Strong female writers, fans who will view the televisions shows and movies, and action on all our parts! What do we want? Let’s go and unleash our inner fandom!


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