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The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 thinks that if events can happen in real-life, then elements can be used to design a fictional setting with creativity.

In a rare event, clouds can descend into a large canyon or land mass and form a “sea” beneath the top. It occurs in the Grand Canyon.

It also occurs in the Venezuelan tepui Plateau in Canaima National Park

In the books SHATTERPOINT by Matthew Stover about the character MACE WINDU who has to retrieve is padawan, Depa Billaba (Legends), from a Dark Side influencer, his brother, Kar Vastor upon the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s request on the planet, Haruun Kal.

Mace Windu is from Haruun Kal. He was born there and taken as a baby to train to become a Jedi. He eventually became the second ranking Jedi Master of the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Republic. He loved the Republic and he wanted to see it rise to its Golden Age of glory again to become everlasting. But that all changed in Revenge of the Sith where his lightsaber hand was cut off by Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader, and defenestrated by the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine who was the Sith Lord the Jedi were looking for, Darth Sidious.

Haruun Kal, a planet that the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has a lot of fanfiction writing experiences and headcanons as the basis for the Yuuzhan Vong to start growing their biological technology (biots) on planets than in their worldships called Koros Strohnas.

In the fanfiction, the Yuuzhan Vong needed access to the planet, and required an indigenous person to assist them. Because the original character, Auset was seen by the Domain Lah, as the goddess, Yun Shuno incarnate, and she was born on Haruun Kal, they placed her back on her homeworld in a far location to test the growth of their biots. Since she was an orphan, she had no upcountry Korunnai grasser family to return home. But she knew the Korunnai culture and was apart of the local belief of Pelekotan, a facet of the Force.

She identified the sparsely populated and volcanically active Southern Hemisphere that can be used as the testing ground. In turn, the Yuuzhan Vong allowed her and her daughter, Yemaja Lah to serve as caretakers of the True Way Faith Tabernacle where the Yuuzhan Vong could meet and worship their gods.

Because all Korunnai have the Force, they can take lifeforms and intercalate them into the biotechnology schema of the Yuuzhan Vong to further their growth. Auset created large tree-like creatures to assist her in the care of the Tabernacle and the Isle.

The Yuuzhan Vong are Force Absence. Typically, a Force user would be sickened by the absence of the Force. But Auset knew how to devoid herself from the Force through Force Sever. While the switch was painful, the pain waned and she tolerated the nausea caused by the absence of the Force.

However, her daughter, Yemaja Lah, who was part Yuuzhan Vong, sensed like holes in the Force, she could NOT control her pain and acted out because of it. From what seems like nowhere, the Force would build up in her and she would explode in her strength and power, then collapse from its drain. Auset taught her daughter how to Force Sever, which is forbidden by the Jedi Order — sever cuts emotions from dealing with severe disturbances in the Force. Rather than managing those emotions, the sever leaves a user numb and unable to wield it. It essential leaves a Force user ABSENT temporarily. But every time Yemaja acted out, she was in pain with implementing the sever, then numb paralyzed to do anything, and then when her powers returned, they would explode because of the emotions, and they would be painful. Moreover, Yemaja could not wield the Force by her own volition. Her powers without treatment would explode and she would scream in pain. Those screams can be sensed by other Force users, and they could come and destroy the Isle.

While the Yuuzhan Vong admired Yemaja’s pain transitions because it brought blessing to the gods. But they understood her explosive Force required containment. The Yuuzhan Vong physician scientists, added biot organs in her brain to balance the paralysis to allow her functionality, while also tamper down the return back into the Force.

When Yemaja became quiet by her treatments, she could be taught. She leaned toward negotiation for political science and elections. Therefore, she was taught how to do that. At the time, Auset and Yemaja had to remain hidden on the Isle because the Yuuzhan Vong forbade aliens entering their fleets. Yemaja always wanted to visit her father’s side of the family, the Domain Lah, but her mother, Auset refused to keep her safe from humiliation by them. From the Yuuzhan Vong perspective, Yemaja is meaningless being a hybrid, while she was born with the cartilage of a nose and can become Force Absent. This action caused Yemaja deep turmoil. When Yemaja turned 17 years of age, she seemed to not care and gave up on the notion of joining the Domain Lah. Then one day, a group of elites, the ruling class, appeared on the Isle, and they spoke to Auset about using Yemaja for a new protocol. Auset vehemently refused. But Yemaja’s father interceded and overrode Auset’s refusals. The elites wanted Yemaja to be trained as a spy under the Deception Sect of the goddess Yun Harla to gain access to a new government, the Galactic Empire. Since Yemaja can be shaped as human passing by the Master Shaper’s biots, the Yuuzhan Vong would gain access into the innerworkings of the Empire. Reluctantly, Auset agreed, but claimed it would make Yemaja uncontrollably sick again with the interaction of vile humans hellbent on destruction.

Relevance to MACE WINDU

Before the collapse of the Jedi Order and the Republic, Auset seeds and oviparity Coruscant a mission by the Yuuzhan Vong to transfix and escalate the planet from pollutants, or they will destroy it. While she started, Yemaja sneaks aboard the ship at 3-4 years old and sees the monstrosity of filthy technology which scares her.

Then Auset senses a “doshallai” (cousin) being killed, and she races to save him, it is Mace Windu. She brings him back, while the new Emperor gloats over his new government and takes him back to the Isle to heal him.

Once healed, Auset tells him to find his people, the Windu clan and leave the Isle. Mace begs her to come with him when suddenly she sense the absence of Yemaja and glares at her. Then Auset Force Severs herself from the Force and that sickens Mace, similar having a headache before one turns to the Dark Side. He roils at Auset telling her it is wrong with what she is doing and Auset argues back saying she has lost everything with the Jedi and who are they to judge.

Mace leaves disgusted by a Cloudsea boat and arrives to the main city, Pelek Baw with Balawians, non-indigenous people who live on Haruun Kal destined to destroy Korunnai and their backwards culture. But Mace turns to search for the Isle aboard a starship, and it is nowhere to be found, like it has moved from its coordinates.

The Yuuzhan Vong biots of the Isle can move large landmasses.

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This story is incomplete and is a WIP as well as it can change without notice.

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