SWAG77 Patreon Basis: Pursuing The Thrawn X Sabine Relationship

Thrawn X Sabine Elithein Art

For this ship, what would make Grand Admiral Thrawn slightly interested in speaking to Sabine Wren that would warrant a romantic relationship? 

First, start on the THRAWN novel’s passage, which discusses Thrawn’s obsession with studying art.

Thrawn had a talent to analyze art to understand his opponent and beat them. In his analyses, he learned intimate meanings and various cultures to use to his military strategic and tactical advantage. When he encountered his foes in battle, he trounced them based on his battle plans he created from his art analysis. While studying Sabine Wren’s artwork, especially in this scene in  Star Wars Rebels “Inside Man” Season 3, Episode 10, Thrawn is confounded by Sabine’s image. He easily sees where it is going, but there is more to it. He is unsure what it is, but he knows that there is more to it than what is on the surface. A deep hidden meaning behind it, and he is unsure if Sabine creates her art subconsciously or consciously aware of the elements she has added? Then, from  Season 3, Episode 16 – Through Imperial Eyes, Thrawn acquires more of Sabine Wren’s art. He realizes it is Sabine Wren when he reports to Colonel Yularen about it. But Yularen takes the information presented less important than part of the overall story of who Fulcrum is. Or rather, Thrawn completely conceals his feelings about Sabine in this presentation openly to determine if Colonel Yularen becomes aware–

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