Stormtrooper Micwha Eyel Delivers Strong Statement To Alien Lives Matters Movement.

A stormtrooper has called out the Alien Lives Matter Movement for allegedly instigating specism in a controversial holovid that has gone viral.

Micwha Eyel says he supports the Galactic Matter movement in a six-minute discourse made in the aftermath of the execution-style murder of Humbarine local authority Dargo Forthren that has been uploaded to HoloNetTube.

The stormtrooper claims that spacebook is censoring his holovids, “but I still love y’all,” he said. Eyel then went to give his views on Alien Lives Matter.

“I’m promoting the Galactic Lives Matter movement…because this Alien Lives Matter movement only promotes specism. And now they’re encouraging aliens to go and kill humans, because they want humans to feel what we felt in 4000 BBY. Newsflash: [Were] your living in 4000 BBY? Nope.”

The 270-year-old stormtrooper expressed the belief that the entire galaxy across the board should be a species blind family just like the Imperial military.

“Galactic lives matter. That local authority law enforcer that got killed by that alien male because that alien male listened to what y’all were saying about going out and killing humans. That local authority law enforcer’s life mattered. That 9-year-old girl on Felucia, that got shot in the head while she was doing her homework in a drive-by shooting that none of y’all protested — her life mattered.”

In the video, Eyel also brushed aside negative feedback (i.e., slurs such as “Talking Monkey”) that he has apparently received on HoloNet media. “I had drill instructors in boot camp that had better insults than y’all…so come up with better insults and then come back at me.”

Reacting to the notoriety, Eyel told HoloBizPacReview that “The main reason I made this holovid is to wake people up. And for the alien race, because I think we are the main ones being speciest.”

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