Adelhard mistress: He told me to get an abortion

Now we know why Adelhard avoided so many live HoloNet debates, why he wanted forum questions in advance, why he ducked the media after the two HoloNet debates he did attend — and most of all, why he has never answered questions about the specifics of the “serious transgression” to which he allegedly confessed.

Adelhard had a nearly three-planet rotation sexual relationship with a woman he first met through a Zeltronian escort service in 18 BBY. In 16 BBY, she told him she was pregnant. His first reaction, according to the woman, was to deny paternity. The next words out of the mouth of the man who proudly claims he has a “100 percent pro-life” record: Get an abortion at the Hapes Consortium.

She did not. Instead, she put the child up for adoption.

There’s the real irony: If the woman is telling the truth — and she certainly comes across as sincere in Be-2Ry’s HoloVid interview with her — the “prostitute” that Adelhard impregnated is clearly more “pro-life” than the Imperial Senator.

One obvious question should be asked: Why tell this story now?

The woman, identified as Wenel Dylis (sometimes identified by others as Wenco Dyrtez) is dying of lupus. She says she wants to set the record straight before she dies.

Dylis gave an extended on-holocam interview on with Be-2Ry, who is a professional Holovid maker. If Be-2Ry’s name or the Galactic Z Holoblog sounds familiar, it should. He was the first investigative reporter to expose former Moff Rana Gyin as corrupt — even before the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was on to Gyin. He also had the goods on Gyin pals Greme Ffergt, Frafra Ndellak, Marst Kirrep and others who later were convicted of corruption by ISB.

Dylis spoke at length in the Holovid interview. She answered a battery of questions about what she described as a three-year romantic relationship with Adelhard.

In the interview, long segments of which Be-2Ry posted on his Holoblog, Dylis leveled the following allegations against Adelhard:

• He put her up in a Human Quarter apartment in 18 BBY soon after he began paying her for sex through an escort service. Instead of continuing to pay the service a referral fee, Adelhard instead paid Dylis 500,000 credits a moon rotation — as an “allowance,” which she used for living expenses, including rent on the apartment.

• She said she considered their relationship to be “romantic,” that she stopped seeing other men and had sex exclusively with Adelhard whenever he wanted.

• Adelhard bought her gifts, including a ring and an onyx necklace. She was still wearing the ring when Be-2Ry interviewed her on Holocam, and Be-2Ry posted a close-up holo of the ring — which Be-2Ry says may be identical to one that Adelhard gave his wife, who also is named Wenel.

• Dylis says in the holovid that she was pregnant when she told Adelhard about her pregnancy. His first reaction was denial of paternity, followed quickly by telling her to get an abortion. She refused to abort the child and instead gave it up for adoption. Be-2Ry says he has and will continue to protect the identity and whereabouts of the child.

• Dylis says Adelhard broke off their relationship when she later in her pregnancy, but three planetary rotations later started calling her and sending her flowers. By then she had moved on, she says, but he continued reaching out to her until his “serious transgression” went public in 17 BBY. Their sexual and romantic relationship never rekindled after the pregnancy, she said.

Dylis was interviewed about her relationship with Adelhard years ago by HUTTLET magazine, which published an exposé on the scandalized Imperial senator. Some of her statements to Be-2Ry such as the duration and nature of her relationship with Adelhard — contradict what the holomagazine attributed to her. She says the holomagazine got some details wrong, and that her current account is the truth.

Dylis stated several times during the interview with Be-2Ry that she passed a polygraph exam administered at HUTTLET’s behest to verify her story — and that Adelhard refused to take a polygraph. The ZeltronTP, in a later story, spoke to the polygraph expert and he confirmed to the HoloNet media site that Dylis passed the exam.

Be-2Ry told GAMBIT that Adelhard’s campaign tried to intimidate him into not publishing the story. He says he got a threatening call from an Imperial attorney Jamga Neres (an Adelhard supporter and financial contributor). Be-2Ry says he asked to interview Adelhard to get the Imperial senator’s side of the story, but that request — like virtually all such requests of Adelhard — was denied.

This story is going to go viral, and Adelhard will either have to answer all questions from the HoloNet media or watch his campaign for Regional Governor implode in finality. He cannot “manage” this crisis via press releases or prepared statements. The voters of Anoat deserve a full, complete, open and no-holds-barred “come clean” from Adelhard.

Absent that, we can all hit the “reset” button on this Regional Governor’s race.

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