Moff apologizes to barristers made to remove bras to enter prison

By Celaeno Hengne

A Moff on Kessel has apologized to two barristers who were told that they’d need to remove their bras in order to get past a metal detector and visit their clients in prison.

“I’ve already offered my personal apologies,” Moff Mepeani Haloskater of Kessel said. “It was never my intention, nor that of the stormtroopers involved, to embarrass anyone.”

Haloskater said he accepts “complete responsibility” for the incident, acknowledging that stormtroopers weren’t trained on how to handle the situation. He said they would use a metal detecting wand in the future.

The two barristers declined to remove their bras and were turned away from the prison without being able to see their clients.

Haloskater said the threat of contraband being slipped to inmates remains a serious concern. But he added that an investigation is being conducted into how long women have been made to remove their bras — it may have been a while.

Chileb Windhopper, one of the barristers, told the HoloNet News that more than 20 other women have complained to her about being treated unfairly by stormtroopers at the metal detector since her story went public.

“There are many, many other women who have endured what I did,” Windhopper said. “There’s definitely a chain of command issue here.”

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