Proud Of Killing: Fargse Stormwrecker ReHoloNets An Image Of Monwhe
Hydrobius’s Body For All To See

By Ashii Neurmani

In yet another effort to prove
that he in fact has absolutely no remnant of a soul, Fargse Stormwrecker re-holonetted
a picture of Monwhe Hydrobius’s body, after he shot and killed him in 22 BBY.

HoloNet users picked up on the
reholo and as of this report, the holo is still live.

Most of the holocomments under
the picture have been supportive of Stormwrecker.

holoshopped the holo to blacken out Monwhe’s lifeless body, in order to show
respect for the slain Academy cadet and his family.

Unless you’ve been living under
a rock, you recognize this scum as the “alien” who killed the unarmed Academy
cadet in 22 BBY after stalking him against droid-dispatcher recommendation and
getting into a confrontation with the cadet.

Stormwrecker was acquitted in 21
BBY and unwilling to walk away with the get-out-of-jail-free card he was given
and since then, he’s played his hand over and over again with law enforcement
multiple times. He has been arrested for domestic violence and aggravated
assault multiple times but as is often the case with domestic violence, the
charges were dropped against him after the victims recanted their stories.

His latest incident was earlier this year during a swoop bike rage
accident after he was nearly killed by another bike rider, Stinthe Crescentleap,
whom he has a history of violence with. This was their third run in with each
other. Crescentleap is currently awaiting trial on second degree murder charges
for the incident.

While other, slightly more
human, individuals may have taken what happened in 22 BBY to turn their lives
around and show the world they were worthy of the opportunities they had been
given, Fargse Stormwrecker seems determined to prove to us that he is in fact,
exactly the person we all assumed he was.

Reholonetting that picture was
braggadocio in its purest form. That was a man saying here is what I did for
the galaxy to see
. Gone are the claims of self-defense and ‘stand your
ground’ rhetoric.

In his mind and those that
support him he truly is “the Separatist army”. He was judge, jury, and
executioner of an Academy cadet. And he’s damn proud of that fact.

This isn’t the first time Stormwrecker
has bragged about killing Monwhe Hydrobius.


Editor’s note: The Anti-Human
Syndicate and Neo-Separatists troll me frequently, and they reholonet from Stormwrecker’s
account all the time. Stormwrecker blocked me but not his specieists followers.



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