Pefcewh March HoloVid Critique of #RebelLivesMatter Goes Viral

“A little girl is dead. You say rebel lives matter? Her life

Last week, Pefcewh March, a Twi’lek grandmother, posted a holovid on the HoloNet venting her frustration with
the #RebelLivesMatter movement and RLM protesters.

March, a Republic Navy veteran and
Ryloth native posted her HoloNet page a rant after she learned about the death
of nine-year old Iforet Acamar who was
shot while studying on her bed. In the holovid, March vents that the Rebel
Lives Matters protesters should be protesting alien-on-alien crime instead of protesting for “thugs” and Imperial brutality.

‘Last night, who do you think they protested for? The thug, the criminal, because they’re howling, ‘Imperial brutality.’ Are you kidding me? Imperial brutality? How about alien brutality? ‘A little girl is dead. You say rebel lives matter? Her life mattered. Her dreams mattered. Her future mattered. Her promises mattered. It mattered.’

‘You’re hollering this ‘rebel lives matter’ poodoo. It don’t matter. You’re killing each other. Humans don’t care… You’re shooting at the stormtroopers. They drop your butts. ‘Oh, he died due to Imperial brutality.’ 327 alien deaths later y’all want to holler Imperial brutality? Rebels, you’re a KRIFFIN joke. You’re tearing up planets over thugs and criminals.’

March posted a follow-up post detailing the feedback she received after her holovid went viral. She also posted another holovid apologizing for her language in her viral holovid.

Greetings! Look, I don’t pretend to have all the answers on whats wrong with the rebel community. I am just Peffy. I…Say what you need to say.

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