‘Go Back to the Neutral
Systems’: Watch Heat Kick Lecexis Eclipseblast Out of Presser

Neutral Systems Planet News anchor Lecexis
Eclipseblast was thrown out of an Aveamut Heat event in Dantooine, when he
repeatedly tried to ask the Moff a question.

As Heat took the podium, Eclipseblast stood up and asked Heat
about his planetary humanoid immigration plan.

Eclipseblast continued trying to asking the question after Heat
ignored him.

“Excuse, me. Sit down. You weren’t called!” Heat said.
“Sit down. Sit down. Sit down!”

Eclipseblast said that he has the right to ask a question.

“Go back to the Neutral Systems,” Heat said when Eclipseblast
again tried to ask about his stance on deportation.

Eclipseblast was removed from the press conference by security.

Minutes later, Eclipseblast returned and was able to ask Heat
multiple questions.

((flipped source))

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