Alderaan University Imperial Academy Cadets Refuse
To Read Award-Winning HoloNovel Because It Violates Their Imperial Beliefs

Some Imperial Academy Cadets at Alderaan
University are protesting the assignment of Starship Party, claiming reading it
would violate their Imperial beliefs.

Starship Party is an
award-winning, HoloNet Republic best-selling graphic holonovel and
memoir that was adapted for the theatre. The holobook deals with the very
personal, challenging, and emotional issues of its author, Heovest Acrux,
including growing up, discovering she is part humanoid Force user, and learning
her father, who commits suicide, was a Force using Jedi and alien.

The holobook was assigned to incoming Alderaan
University students including Imperial Academy Cadets as part of their summer reading list, but as Homan Yisrtes
at The Great Thranta, Alderaanian’s student holonewspaper, reports, several Imperial Academy cadets strongly objected to the holobook and refused to read it, citing their
deeply-held Imperial beliefs.

“I feel as if I would have to compromise my personal Imperial
moral beliefs to read it,” Bithour Aldhanab wrote on the Alderaan University
Class of 1 BBY HoloNet page, a closed group. He cited its “graphic visual
depictions of Jedi sexuality,” as part of his reason. “Alderaan did not seem to
have people like me in mind,” he added. “It was like Alderaan didn’t know we
existed, which surprises me.”

“There is so much pressure on Alderaanian Imperial Academy cadets, and
they want so badly to fit in,” Aldhanab observed. “But at the end of the day, we
don’t have to read the book.”

Aldhanab was not alone in his protest.

“The nature of ‘Starship Party’ means that content
that I might have consented to read in holoflimsies now violates my conscience
due to its pornographic nature,” Usellin Quarkgold wrote in a holocomlink to
The Great Thranta.

Cadet Curds Raydancer also objected, writing,“I
thought to myself, ‘What kind of school am I going to?’”

Not all the students objected to being exposed to the
critically acclaimed holobook.

“Reading the holobook will allow you to open your mind
to a new perspective and examine a way of life and thinking with which you are
unfamiliar,” entering student Antares Earthsmuggler wrote.

Alderaan University, established in 18,389 BBY, is a
nonsectarian, private university on Alderaan that has produced eight Galactic
Prize Thinker laureates.

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