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General Grievous answers to Darth Sidious on Utapau


In the Star Wars Actors Guild 77, we are always thinking about how to roleplay our fan fictions on social media. Since we are not given exclusive access to content, we have to form hypotheses as to how such an idea can exist in our current sphere. We do this to keep our performances authentic.

At San Diego Comic Con, Lucasfilm has a panel for the new television show Star Wars Rebels to air October, 2014 on DisneyXD channel. The villain called The Inquisitor, voiced by Jason Issacs, is a Pau’an species that are from Utapau, though he may have not been raised there. He has a lightsaber that spins. It is a similar lightsaber as General Grievous’ before he was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

But where did The Inquisitor get his lightsaber?

Since we have very little access to information, we develop a theory and arrive to a plausible hypothesis.

Based on our understanding of the movies, TV shows, novels and books, we believe that one of Darth Sidious‘ contingency plans was to create The Inquisitorius if Anakin Skywalker did not decapitate Count Dooku (Darth Tyrannus).

General Grievous knew Darth Sidious in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It was obvious that this interaction was not a surprise for either of them. From reading “Darth Plagueis“, Darth Sidious was a master puppeteer and mastermind. He has several ideas in play ready for any contingency through the dark side of the Force.  It would not be beneath Darth Sidious to have an undermining tactic against Count Dooku by training any Force Users from a planet for specific uses.

Another tidbit, in the Dave Filoni “Star Wars: The Clone Wars“, we do not see Grievous interacting with Darth Sidious. We see it only in the movies. Only in the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” microseries by Gennedy Tartosky do we ever see Grievous interact with Darth Sidious as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

Darth Sidious developed his Inquisitorius – Intelligence Corps – to be above his “Hands”. They answered to the Emperor, but were under Darth Vader. They were not Sith, but used the dark side to achieve their goals.

Several Force Sensitive children were missed by the Jedi before the fall of the Galactic Republic, were conscripted by Darth Sidious’ military forces. We hypothesized that one of those conscripted places was Utapau, a planet with the Pau’ans. Grievous would take them to another planet and train them. We hypothesize that the Inquisitor was one of those children.

Then as the children got older, they could have gone to one of the well established academies that would teach them military sciences tactics: Anaxes, Raithal, Carida and others.

We hypothesize, that when the Galactic Republic failed and Operation Knightfall was in place, Darth Vader ordered the Inquisitors to find other Jedi and Force Users who would not comply with the Empire and kill them. The Inquisitor worked with the Imperial Military.

Based on that knowledge, we have a plan on how to roleplay The Inquisitor. See him in action in Star Wars Rebels TV show, and elsewhere.

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