Comedy and Tragedy
Comedy and Tragedy

The Star Wars Actors Guild is about portraying characters online in Star Wars — especially those leading up to Star Wars Episode VII and Star Wars Rebels accurately.

We are about performance and portrayal on social media, than roleplaying. There is a difference that will not be discussed here and there are many references in searches.
We have thought about RP here on Facebook for a VERY LONG, LONG TIME. RP on Facebook does not have a big enough return on investment and it does not merit the amount of time and work it takes for an accurate RP performance and portrayal  to be reasonable and functional.

We have the Star Wars Performance University. We have our rules of SWAG 77. As the owner, I  decided for my sanity to relocate all performance and portrayal characters to Tumblr. On this site, the community endorses writing, it promotes reading and it supports creativity. The rules for RP are understandable, there are many RP helpers and educational resources. The RP community there is just better, until Yahoo decides to change its rules.

It was a tough decision. We will still have our pages, all our actions will be posted from Tumblr.  During shows, we will portray the characters we have on Facebook. But we will not develop strong story arcs to be launched performance on Facebook or Twitter. They’re coding program is not geared toward performance which causes chaotic social media situations that just are not fun anymore.


I’m tired of arguing with posters about how my muse is being played and the metagaming that I see.

If you don’t know what that means? Then you aren’t a RPer…

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