REVIEW: The Republic Commando Series by J. Mohrmann

The Republic Commando Series


Note: This review is just a rough outline of the book series. No major spoilers.

The Republic Commando series was written by Karen Traviss.

The first characters met are Omega Squad and how the squad was formed. They are deployed on a backwater planet where one of the squad, Darman, is separated from the rest. He soon meets a padawan called Etain Tur-Mukan who had been stranded there since before the battle of Geonosis. The squad eventually meets up and eventually accomplishes their mission.

In the second novel, the squad’s old training sergeant from Kamino,  Kal Skirata is introduced. Omega Squad is recalled to Coruscant along with Kal Skirata, the padawan Etain Tur-Mukan, another Jedi,  Bardan Jusik, and another team, Delta Squad. Toward the end of book, Etain Tur-Mukan discovers she is pregnant with Darman’s son.

About a year after he is born, Darman is told that the child is his. Soon after, Palpatine says the famous words, “Execute Order 66.”  Half of Omega Squad deserts the Grand Army of the Republic for the planet Mandalore along with Skirata, Jusik, and many others as they search for a way stop the accelerated aging on all clones.

Karen Traviss wrote a new book in the series, but after it was published the series was cancelled.

The Republic Commandos series is recommended highly because it delves into the “mind of a clone”.

Also it allows a window into the clones’ thinking during Order 66.



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