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Being Mandalorian Is Genetic

Headcanon Pure Fictional Hypothesis Written in Pure Scientific Format By A Trained Molecular Geneticist

Mandalorian Mitochondrial DNA Has Taung Ancestral Genes Causing SEETH (Sith) Affinity.

A study commissioned by the Yun Ne’Shel Master Shapers Caste for the Yun Harla Deception Sect Yuuzhan Vong Empire

The Taung are the original species of the Mandalorians that were thought long extinct.

Original Taung

Through series of interbreeding with several species, including humans, eventually the Taung DNA genetically drifted. It was believed they had become extinct.

During the Smuggler’s Corruption Crisis on Mandalore, blood from both healthy and sick Mandalorians was submitted to the Qang Qahsa organ for genotyping.

Similar to what these Abominations do in this villip:

What the blessings of the Yun Ne’Shel discovered is remarkable!

Taung Mitochondrial DNA Foci

Taung Mitochondrial DNA is conserved in the Mandalorian Mitochondrial genome!

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from the mother. Throughout these infidels history, their genetic identity was hidden in the mitochondria.

This filthy piece of hologram was identified showing the interrelationship between the Mandalorian and the SEETH.

The Taung mtDNA codes for several genes thought  boost the Force Powers of the Midi-Clorian Complexes enabling the wielder to effectuate the Force, if still relevant. It is unknown why there are not many Force Prescient births by Mandalorians, but it seems the reasons are sociological.

Taung gene products can cause a shift for Force Sensitive beings to be receptive to Mandalorian ideals. More studies are required if Taung gene products have sides to this Force, if still relevant. The Force is just an unproven concept by all our determinations at the Damutek.

Being Mandalorian is genetic, but Mandalorian Culture plays a huge role into being Mandalorian. Moreover, being socialized as Mandalorian is equally as important.

Praises be to the Gods that the Taung mtDNA could be interrogated and genetically modified.

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