gffa: Dark Lord of the Sith:  Darth Vader – The Ultimate Bad Guy | Fun Facts His mere presence strikes fear in the evil Empire’s enemies.  He’s so powerful, he’s almost unstoppable and few have been better with a lightsaber or as mighty in the dark side of the Force.  Think you can take himContinue reading

Reblog if you think fanfiction is a legitimate form of creative writing.

Uh….yeah… so it may not lead to much for most people (like me), but it’s better than me running naked down the street in 20 F degree weather in the rain-snow unable to get my ideas in my head out. Write fan fiction makes it feel all better when you don’t want to use heinousContinue reading “Reblog if you think fanfiction is a legitimate form of creative writing.”

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We here at Imperial Security Bureau are extremely concerned by the reports of an Imperial Regional Governors being murdered on the Outer Rim planets of Batuu and Vandor,” The Director of Imperial Intelligence said. “Our concerns go out to the families and friends of the dead. Every day, new holoreports of persecution are being documentedContinue reading

pacificwanderer: sleemo: Listen to John Williams’ new score for Disney’s Star Wars theme parks Legendary composer John Williams will provide an original score that visitors will hear within the attractions of the Star Wars-themed land of Galaxy’s Edge, opening at Disney’s theme parks next year. Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive preview of Williams’ score inContinue reading