Dark Lord of the Sith:  Darth Vader – The Ultimate Bad Guy | Fun Facts

His mere presence strikes fear in the evil Empire’s enemies.  He’s so powerful, he’s almost unstoppable and few have been better with a lightsaber or as mighty in the dark side of the Force.  Think you can take him out in a starfighter?  Think again.  Never underestimate his power.  He’s second only to the Emperor.  He looks like a machine, but this is no droid.  Underneath that menacing mask is a human being.

Darth Vader was once one of the good guys, one of the greatest of the heroic Jedi Knights.  But Vader betrayed them and turned to the dark side of the Force, pledging loyalty to the evil Emperor and hunting down all the Jedi.  Even those who had been his friends.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, his friend and former Master in the Jedi Order, stood up to Vader’s villainy and, after an epic duel, sent him tumbling into lava. From then on, to keep himself alive, he relied on his suit of armor and drew upon the dark side of the Force, fueled by rage and anger.

How would you stand up to Darth Vader?

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