my understanding that Alien voters are aligning with Leia Organa in greater
and greater numbers as election day draws near.  This is a picture of
Leia Organa with her parents and brother, Luke Skywalker.  For those of you too young to know the
significance of what they are wearing, they are Sith robes, an in the Sith, and her father was a life long members.  Darth Vader, Leia Organa’s
father was captured in 1 ABY
at an event for Sith, almost 2 decades after Leia was born.  
This picture is towards the beginning of Darth Vader’s life in 19 BBY. Darth Vader, Leia Organa’s father, was a member of the Sith for more than
TWENTY years.  Yet, this year, Leia Organa said she didn’t know enough about the Sith to disavow them.  Why would she lie about that?  

I am BEGGING everyone to please repost this and repost it often until the Imperial Senate Leader election day.  Leia Organa is a liar and a specieist. Her not so hidden agenda is to restore Jedi power to the Galaxy.  Understand
that her policies will be detrimental to Aliens in ways far
greater and more far-reaching than we can comprehend.  

Which is precisely why I posted the link to her father’s 1 ABY arrest at a Sith event.  Her father was a Sith member.  

And this is further proof that her father was the same Darth Vader and
very well may have been involved in the killing of someone.

Leia Organa supports the specieist core extremist organisation
known as the Jedi-Backed Rebel Alliance and her father was a member of this
organisation for over twenty years

One of Leia Organa’s biggest supporters is a former high ranking
member of the Jedi Council who remains a Jedi-supremacist extremist to this day,
despite having left the group

((flipped source))

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