Vanan Amongst the Top 10 Most Dangerous Planets
in the Outer Rim in the Galaxy

VANAN -(Vanan): In a report
released by the Law Offices
of Grado Nath
ham, the planet, Vanan was
listed in the top 10 most dangerous planets in the Outer Rim. This list was
gathered using the statistical data from 68 planets throughout Outer Rim with Vanan
ranking #9 coming in just before Iego, which ranked #10. Planets listed all
have populations of 100 trillion or more, making Vanan the only Outer Rim
planet able to make the list.

“Sentient beings would say hello to you and had manners, now you
can be right behind someone walking into an establishment and they will let the
blast door hit you in the face,” said Kelhe Adlid on a HoloNet
News group comment. “Now you have younglings
running into businesses with blasters, nightly firefight, stormtroopers stunning
beings in different towns and not to mention the non-Imperial starship shuttle
flights all night.”

The danger was not only calculated using the planet crime
statistics, as Vanan was ranked #14 based only on crime, with Iego ranking #9.
Data used to make final calculations was based on crime, stormtrooper presence,
and other community factors.

These community factors included population density, poverty rate,
unemployment rate, the percentage of academy graduates, atmospheric non-Imperial
starship chemtrails, Stormtrooper Imperial budget per capita and Imperial Officers
in comparison to population. These all were considered factors of increased
crime risks.

The Law Offices of Grado Nathham
holoreport indicated that nearly 24% of Vanan residents are living in poverty
with 6.5% unemployed, this in comparison with Tatooine, ranking #68 on the list
with only around 11% of their residents living in poverty and around 3%

With the atmospheric non-Imperial starship chemtrails being one
of the factors where studies have shown higher atmospheric non-Imperial
starship chemtrails lead to a high crime during that period. Vanan
had 168 planet rotations in 15 BBY where chemtrails were above 80 parts per
million (ppm) when Tatooine had less than half of that with only 83 planet

Although some believe the #9 ranking is accurate, others like HoloNet
News group member, Joll Sonie think the numbers may not accurately depict the
crime on the planet Vanan. I’ll believe that when we have to sleep on
the floor at night so we don’t get hit by stray blaster fire whizzing by,” said

Although the Imperial Security Bureau Holoreport in some areas indicates reduced crime in 5 BBY, all
violent crime on Vanan, including murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and
aggravated assault went up, murder up by 100% in comparison with 6 BBY. The
planet of Vanan has 1.731 billion residents per deputy and ranks 4th for the
lowest stormtrooper budget.

HoloNet News contacted
the Imperial Security Bureau Vanan Station for comment, but messages were not
immediately returned.


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