What’s with the First Order thing? They did everything wrong, they’re the villains, if you didn’t notice.


Imagine a de jure elected political regime overthrown by a band of rogue militant
separatists. The remnants loyal to that government retreat to seclusion,
preferable out of the reach of the newly formed political system.  The remnants never legally acknowledged the
legitimacy of the newly formed establishment. They had been forced into hiding,
never having signed a Concordance ordering to cease armament. This group
seceded from the new establishment, trying to restore their hegemony over the
geopolitical parts of the territory currently governed by the usurping

The usurping
government has responded by not being able to control or coordinate the rogue
faction of new militant separatists known as “the resistance,” which was
monitoring the remnants’ activities.

Now there is
your First Order vs. the New Republic.  Cool motive, still a coup, Leia Ulyanov Organa et. Co. 

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