Trust: we love SOME fan art

But we need more conceptualization.

When you ONLY draw what you’ve seen it shows you’ve not read and you’re not well read.

This is why EU fans are angry, because ALL their art was from a book cover and a description of maybe what a character looks like. No games. No nothing. Just a book description and not a good one at that.

Like a tkun… Or a coufee…. Or a vua tumor? Or a qang qahsa?

Heck, what do Umbarans look like naked?

Or ThyChani?

Or Baby Chiss to Old Chiss?

This is what frustrates SWEU fans with new fans. When we’ve read over 200 books we know the Star Wars outline. Fans that rolled around prequels, still don’t have NJOE, FOTJ and LOTJ background.

So please, when you bash blogs about posting your FAN ART, consider JAINA SOLO and your laserbrain sithspawn ideas.

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