Many fans have fierce rationalizations for what will be in #StarWars productions


Some ungrounded. Some poorly based on any research. Some speculations are wish fulfillment fantasies. Very few based on timeline continuity.

Like think about it 26 years after the 2nd Death Stars destruction and who is left?

It’s kinda fruitless for us to do it, but man the misinformation.

You want a character in a show, TV or movie. If animated, are there maquettes? Lighting? Can the audience of said age not be afraid of a character? Voice work? Feeling? Is it worth the investment at minimum of $400,000 per episode (Greg Weisman quote)?

Would it be something I could show grandma?

That’s how stories are done and that will never change, but fans hate that fact.

Which is why we work on @getthrawnin #starwarsrebels.

We will know in a few days to a few months if our hard work has paid off.

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