Heat: You’re Going To Have A
“Imperial Deportation Force,” They’ll Be Humane

Avemut Heat, when pressed for specifics on his planetary
movement plan, says “we’re going to have an Imperial Deportation Force.”

“And I always say the shield, we’re going
to build the shield. It’s going to be a real deal. It’s going to be a real shield.”

MIBRZE ZINSKIKA: OK, conceptually, I understand
what you’re saying and what you’re describing. But still tell me the how. Are
you going to have a massive deportation force?

AVEMUT HEAT: You’re going to have an Imperial Deportation Force, and you’re going to do it humanely and you’re going to bring the galaxy
– and, frankly, the people, because you have some excellent, wonderful people,
some fantastic people that have been here for a long period of time. Don’t
forget, Mebrze, that you have millions of people sentient beings that are
waiting in line to join the core planets and they’re waiting to come in
legally. And I always say the shield, we’re going to build the shield. It’s
going to be a real deal. It’s going to be a real shield.

There was a picture in one of the holomagazines
where they had a shield this large and they were taking contraband through the shield.
They injected a hole into the shield and the frigate was going in and out. They
were using it like a trade route; the shield is like a trade route. It’s not
going to happen. It’s going to be a Heat shield. It’s going to be a real shield.
And it’s going to stop aliens and it’s going to be good.

But your friend Thofried Manmas called me and
said, hah, there should be a big opening. I said going to be a big opening. I
love the expression. There’s going to be a big beautiful nice opening. Aliens
are going to come in and they’re going to come into the core planets legally.
But we have no choice. Otherwise, we don’t have a galaxy. We don’t even know
how many aliens. We don’t know if it’s 8 quadillion or if it’s 20 quadillion.
We have no idea how many citizens are in our galaxy. And then you see what
happened with Katste Inlehryn on Corulag. You see what happens with all of the
things going on, all of the tremendous crime going on. It costs us 200 zetamillion
credit per core rotation for illegal migration right now. 200 zetaillion
credits per core rotation, maybe 250, maybe 300. They don’t even know. We’re
going to stop it. We’re going to run it properly and we’re going to stop it.

ZINSKIKA: So people will face ramifications that
they don’t leave, if they harbor them –

HEAT: Will people will leave.

ZINSKIKA: How are you going to pay for this?

HEAT: Very inexpensively.

BRZEZINSKI: Are they going to get ripped out of
their planets? How?

HEAT: Can I – they’re going back where they
came. If they came from a certain outer rim planet, they’re going to be brought
back to that outer rim planet. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Now they can
come back but they have to come back legally. They can come back, but they have
to come back legally.

And I have to tell you, so many are in love with
it. The loudest applause last night at the debate was when I said this. Even I
was surprised. But I mean, the place went wild.

Now, I’ll tell you the other thing. The people
that like it more than anybody are the near humans that are here legally.
There’s a HoloNet host on Coruscant who was on the other day; they wrote a
story about him. He says I can’t believe it. The near humans love Heat. Because
he’s talking about his audience. They came here legally, they went through all
of this long process. They came here legally, and he’s talking about all the
people that call up. It’s a near human station – they love Heat.

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